Brief Q&A to Know Us

Most frequent queries

If you seek advise or consultation, then suitable services are phone consult, complete consultation and time bound consultation.  

If you have a research or development need with certain expected outcome, we offer contract research and  research collaborations.

If you need a documented solution or reference work about a subject, we offer expert report generation.

In a decade long activities, we have developed many technologies. If you found any of them of interest for commercialization, we offer its licensing.

We also have offer of venture development for entrepreneurs of matching skills. 

Please see services page for details.

If your R&D team is struggling for an issue from long, our expertise can accelerate the progress. If internal R&D efforts haven’t caused significant/novel development, we can give the ‘outside the box’ insights.

Further, typical R&D people lack business aptitude, thus our prolific expertise covering technologies, business and commerce can yield valued inputs. We can provide effective solution by synchronizing your business practices with the technical concern. 

You can either share your current practices/anticipations, or explore the technologies developed by us. For advancements through your current state, you can opt for a consultation.  For interests in our prior work, you can commercialize the technologies. 

After sufficient maturation of the relationship, you may get our service of venture development. 

By referring to a specific service of the choice, you would get idea about extent of the service. Phone consult can be opted with little specification. For consultations, you are needed to share your target outcomes and prior efforts in that direction (if done). For a proper solution to be reached, the problem is needed to be specified with sufficient details. We can enter in a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) or non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if you are concerned. 

If your issue becomes clear to us with ‘not so special’ specification, we can directly sign the service agreement which covers confidentiality also. If you think that the issue description shouldn’t be in public domain, then the CDA can be signed at the beginning. 

Different concerns/projects take different times. On an average, complete consultations are concluded in 6 months and contract research in 16 months. These are averages of our services offered in past. Actually, we configure and tell you the time expected by the service to conclude. Such timeline is included in the service agreement that we sign at inception of the service.

We offer the services in fields of food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemicals, packaging, energy, materials, cosmetics, catalyst, construction, elecctronics, polymers, automobiles, transport, biotech, and many more. Embarking on the expertise on the physical, chemical and biological sciences, we offer services in variety of fields.

Direct monetary compensation is the mode mostly opted. In the longer collaborations, royalty or stakes are opted in some cases. 

We don’t have the capabilities for marketing consultations. But we can consult for new applications or newer markets for your current products, byproducts or wastes.