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Phone Consult

It is the shortest consultation. If you think that your issue can be solved in one or few discussions with the expert, then you should opt for this service. It is suitable if you want to know a context/scenario, or have a highly specific technical problem. In many cases, it can be pursued even if don’t have identified the goals to achieve. Several insights may be obtained through a phone consult. 

Complete Consultation

It is the typical consultation. If you have certain problem identified  or have certain target to achieve, this service ensures you to reach there. If you think that the issue can be solved in a few calls, then you may choose the phone consult. Else, we will be with you for the complete consultation till the success is achieved. Success criteria are needed to be identified for the consultation which gets included in the service agreement. Our team helps you to mention the success criteria from abstract information, if needed.  

Time Bound Consultation

If you don’t have identified specific issue, but apprehend technical troubles from time to time, then you can pursue time bound consultation. We will offer solutions to all the issues arising in the future time. Typical agreements are for one or two years which can be renewed further. We solve all kinds of problems stemming in near future in various fields of our expertise. If you have identified certain issue and want to solve that only, then complete consultation for the issue can be opted. If you don’t want to limit our service to that issue only, and want solutions to many undefined issues those would arise in near future, then time bound consultation can be opted. This service can be pursued even if don’t have identified any issue currently. 

Contract Research

We offer contract research on specific objectives. If you want to achieve a target which needs activities of R&D, experimentation, optimization, proof of concept (with or without your concept), reduction to practice etc., then we can do it. We have developed several technologies by contract research for our clients. You have to tell us anticipations about the expected technology, and we will develop it for you in reasonable time. It is possible that we may already have the technology suitable to you, then licensing of that technology can be done. This service normally generates intellectual property rights of patents or designs.

Research Collaborations

If you don’t want us to do the research activities independently, then research collaborations can be done. We can collaborate with you or your associates for research and development. You are needed to share the issue by perspective of the research team, we will address it; and collaboration can be done if needed. 

Expert Report

If you want a document of expert opinion/analysis on certain subject, then this service can be pursued. You can share anticipated concerns and the topic with the perspective on which the clarity or details are needed.  Our clients have used the expert reports for knowledge sharing with their associates/clients or to generate SOPs or for HR training or as a reference document about the topic. Few clients have used the expert reports as the third party testimony about the concern/topic. From potential application of a material/product to available technologies in a domain, there are various topics on which we have generated the expert reports. We can generate them on most of the technical topics. 

Technology Licensing

It is possible that we already have developed a technology which is of your interest. Such technologies can be commercialized by you; we offer licensing of such technologies. You may learn about such technologies during the service dialogue. Or you can see the white papers about some of the technologies placed on white papers page. We have developed over 100 technologies in last decade. Many of them are available for out-licensing.

Venture Development

This kind of collaboration is possible with some people who would build a rapport with us. If you are a team having excellent execution and marketing skills, and looking for new business models, then you can execute a business model developed by us. We have few business models having novel products or services. We have raised few venture by this mode of activity.

Domains of Services

Not limited to, but to give an idea


New products, Shelf life extension, Formulations, Production techniques, Processes, features, nutraceuticals, packaging etc.


Release profile improvements, formulations, processes, APIs, colloids, nanoparticles, encapsulation, liposomes, neosomes, ligands, targetting etc.


Fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, control release, herbal, chemical, formulations, fruit & vegetables, fodder, agronomy, waste utilization etc.


Process, equipments, catalysts, synthesis, applications, byproduct utilization, minerals, petrochemicals, pigments, specialty chemicals, regulation compliance etc.


Materials, Interiors, joining, accessories, noise control, lubricants, coating, green tech., processes etc.


Devices, circuits, IoT, capacitors, harmonics, insulation, gadgets, materials, control etc.

Medical Devices

Wearable, instruments, bandages, herbal, implants, prosthesis, diagnosis, vaccines,drug delivery, materials, kits etc.


Synthesis, production, composites, blends, fillers, coatings, adhesives, solvents, crosslinking, applications, colloids etc.

Bio Tech

Extracts, enzymes, organisms, culture, products, processes, feed, gene therapy, applications, physiology, waste treatment etc.


Materials, binders, synergistic agents, designs, admixtures, equipments, appliances, specialty materials, standardization etc.


Designs, materials, processes, filters, optimization, lines, upscaling, quality control, SOPs etc.


Batteries, petroleum, chemistry, business models, biomass, wind, ocean, accessories, transportation, electrical etc.

Social Enterprises

Education, products for poors, environment, water, sanitation, public harmony, philanthropy etc.


Dermatology, formulations, excipients, treatments, devices, topicals, surfactants, colloids etc.

Nano Tech

Nanotechnology, science, spheres, colloids, tagging, composites, packaging, synthesis etc.